112233Dr. Md. Khalilur Rhaman is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Department of BRAC University. He was assigned as the Acting Chairman of CSE department from 1st Sep-14 to 31st Dec-2014. He is the Supervisor of BRAC University Robotics lab and the advisor of BRAC University Robotics club. The robot named CHONDROBT was designed and builds under his supervision. Different version of this Robot regularly attended in NASA Lunabotics Mining Competitions. Dr. Khalil has joined in BRAC University on 2009 immediately after completing his PhD degree from Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan. He was a MONBUKAGAKUSHO scholar and his PhD Research topic was Natural Language Processing. But now his research is diverted into Robotics and Embedded Systems. His research interest also includes space science and engineering. 

Dr. Khalil becomes Point Of Contact (POC) of UNISEC-Global on 2014. He considers himself as a lifetime student of Engineering. He also has dared to involve his students in the research of cutting edge technologies like Nano satellite.